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Dentomycin 2% w/w periodontal gel, minocycline (as hydrochloride dihydrate)

Please note that this information is intended for Dental Professionals only.

Product Information

  • Dentomycin is indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic adult periodontitis. It should be used as an adjunct to conventional scaling and root planning in pockets of 5mm or greater.
  • The active ingredient, minocycline binds to the surfaces of the tooth and is gradually released over time to provide simple adjunctive treatment for periodontitis.
  • Requires refrigeration.
  • Non returnable.
  • Full prescribing information is shown below in the UK & Ireland SPCs.

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Information about adverse event reporting can be found for the UK at and for Ireland email :

Adverse events should also be reported to Blackwell Supplies, Medcare House, Gillingham, Kent ME8 OSB or by telephone: 01634 877525

Pack contents: Gel Applicators 0.5g x 5

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