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Calmix Advanced Formulation Calcium Hydroxide Paste

  • Higher pH (Calmix recorded > 14) than most existing Calcium Hydroxide pastes.
  • High pH> high antimicrobial potential: effective against E.faecalis and C.albicans.
  • Greater antimicrobial within the root canal.
  • Will not dry out on pad or within syringe.
  • Easily picked up with spiral fillers or placed in the canal with fine tips.
  • Better disolution of Calcium Hydroxide > Higher ionisation and pH achieved (Calmix recorded > 14).
  • Greater diffussion of hydroxyl ions > Stimulates hard tissue formation.
  • Contains Ziconium Dioxide > Calmix is more radiopaque.
  • Water free and no methyl cellulose > will not dry out.
  • Ergonomic syringes, capillary tips and microtips > easy to use no mixing.
Calmix 1 syringe Kit

OW110815 Calmix Calcium Hydroxide Paste 1.5ml Syringe

Calmix 4 syringe kit

OW110816 Calmix Calcium Hydroxide Paste Kit

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