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Sylc Crème

  • Sylc Créme provides rapid, effective relief of dental hypersensitivity prior to scaling.
  • A cream containing bio active glass known to seal exposed and open tubules.
  • By the formation of hydroxy carbonate apatite (HCA) in contact with saliva, which is chemically similar to human hydroxyl apitite.
  • Thereby preventing dental hypersensitivity before treatment.
  • Easily dispensed from a syringe onto a gloved finger for rubbing into the open tubules, obtaining rapid desensitisation.

Reduce sensitivity during scaling

A recent study showed 100% of patients, none of whom experienced sensitivity to “air blowing”, reported pain during scaling(1). Clearly, a major concern to both patients and clinicians.
An injection of local anaesthetic can reduce pain but is unpleasant for the patient and possibly excessive for supragingival scaling. However, a new product, Sylc Crème may be applied, prior to treatment, to cover open tubules in enamel surfaces and reduce sensitivity during scaling.
The benefit of using Sylc Crème over typical fluoride varnishes and pastes is shown in the SEMs opposite and bar chart below(2), where Crème covers two to three times the number of open tubules on dentine slabs to reduce sensitivity during scaling.

OW110903 Sylc Crème desensitising cream 2x 5g syringe

Sylc Crème Pack Shot
  • Seals open tubules to reduce patient pain and anxiety during scaling and other associated procedures.
  • Pleasant taste, enhancing patient experience.
  • Simple, quick and easy to use and apply.
  • Injection free pain relief.
  • No animal ingredients used.

1) Sheetal Sanikop et al
2) Qasim Mohammedbhai & Ian Thompson, King’s College London

Sylc Crème Chart
Sylc Crème Diagram A
Sylc Crème Diagram B
Sylc Crème Diagram C
Sylc Crème Diagram D

Figure 1: Scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) of dentine slabs post application of the test materials; A (Control),
B (Fluoride Varnish), C (Sylc Crème) and D (High % Fluoride paste)


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